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Share and synchronize your MS Outlook Contacts Folder with your co-workers and friends without a server
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18 October 2005

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This software helps share Outlook contact details even without a server.

This tool lets you share and synchronize contacts folders in Microsoft Outlook without a server. This utility will let you share different contacts folders with different groups of people. Folders and sub-folders could be “subscribed” to your clients. Every time you update the contacts, the subscribers will automatically receive the changes. You could share MS Outlook contacts with your own custom forms and imported items. Sharing, synchronizing and distributing custom Outlook forms of contacts between computers becomes easily possible. This can happen between different Outlook versions without a hitch. You can also share the contacts between your work machine and the one at home. Working off-line becomes quite easy. This software will need to be installed on your machine as well as the machines with which you want to share the contacts. All of you should be running Outlook versions 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Then when initial sync is done through a few clicks, the shared folder will help update your friends and colleagues. Your partner(s) will receive the updated contact by regular email.

The update and management of all your shared contacts can be offline or using Internet connection. You will be able to create, edit and view the shared folder exactly as if it was your own. You can share different folders with different groups of people, for example the audience for lists like Company internal phone list, partners contact list, list of family members, etc. are going to be different. This is a good product. It has many useful features. If you were looking for a product like this, this is one you could try out.

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Share and synchronize Contacts folders in Microsoft Outlook without a server. Share different Contacts folders with different group of people. "Subscribe" your folders'/subfolders' data for your clients. Share Microsoft Outlook Contacts with your own custom forms and imported items.You can use Contacts4Outlook to synchronize Outlook Contacts' data between your desktop PC and laptop.Work offline or online.
Version 2.15
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I purchased this product after I saw how well it integrated into Outlook 2007 on Windows 7. I`d tried several other solutions, but this one I like the best.
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